Elected Officials & Environmentalists Rally for Ban on Fracking in Response to Refugio Beach Spill

Outraged over an oil pipeline burst that Tuesday spilled at least 105,000 gallons of oil into a nine-mile slick along the Pacific Coast west of Santa Barbara, environmentalists and local elected officials will hold a rally and press conference at noon on today at Santa Barbara County Courthouse to express the urgent need to ban […]

100 California Officials Ask Gov. Brown for Fracking Moratorium

Letter Highlights Fracking’s Water Contamination During Devastating Drought

ANAHEIM, Calif.— More than 100 mayors, city council members and other local officials from dozens of communities want Gov. Jerry Brown to halt fracking to protect California’s water supply from contamination during a devastating drought.

In a letter being unveiled today at a press conference at the Democratic State Convention […]

Mass Oil Production Threatens to Undermine Gov. Brown’s Commitment to Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions


Environmental groups call out Gov. Jerry Brown for continuing to allow fracking and other oil and gas extraction methods

In response to Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandate to state and local agencies Thursday to reduce fossil fuel emissions by 40 percent by 2030, members of Californians Against Fracking […]

Oil Industry Drops Lawsuit Over California County’s Fracking Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, April 6, 2015

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Oil Company Dismisses Own Case, Ending Only Active Legal Challenge to San Benito’s Measure J

HOLLISTER — The only oil company to sue San […]


The science is already in on fracking: The fossil fuels that this extreme oil and gas extraction technique aims to unearth will cook the planet. And many of the chemicals used in fracking — chemicals now finding their way into our air and water — are known carcinogens.

We can’t let this toxic practice continue. […]

Hermosa Beach Voters Win Limits to Harmful Oil Development

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In La Habra Heights, Residents Remain Committed to Stopping Extreme Oil Extraction

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Amid growing concern with the state government’s inability to police the oil industry, Hermosa Beach overwhelming voted to limit oil development as cities and counties throughout the […]

Legal Petition Pushes Gov. Brown For Emergency Fracking Moratorium

Over 150 community, environmental and health groups press governor for urgent action amid revelations of aquifer contamination, benzene in fracking wastewater

SACRAMENTO— After California officials admitted allowing hundreds of oil industry disposal wells to illegally inject wastewater into protected aquifers, more than 150 environmental and community groups filed a legal petition today pushing Gov. Jerry […]