Californians Against Fracking is a coalition of environmental justice, business, health, agriculture, labor, political, faith, food safety and environmental organizations working to win a statewide ban on fracking and other dangerous oil and gas extraction activities in California.

Fracking, the toxic process of extracting oil or gas by blasting water and industrial chemicals underground, poses a direct and immediate threat to the drinking water, air, food, health, wildlife, climate, and economy of California. Oil companies have already begun fracking in our state and plan to massively expand the practice in an effort to extract both conventional and shale oil.

The health and environmental damages suffered by communities that have been fracked have helped draw attention to the risks and harms of all phases of the oil and gas production process.

From the air and water pollution caused during drilling and fracking to the oil spills from pipelines, oil trains, and other transport, fossil fuel extraction is dirty and dangerous from start to finish.

The vast quantity of waste fluid produced by California oil and gas production is a toxic menace that is dumped onto crops, into illegal open pits, and directly into our protected underground drinking water. Injection of oil industry waste fluid also poses an unacceptable risk of induced earthquakes in our seismically active state.

We are calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to implement the following three steps to ensure a safer, healthier future for the Golden State:

(1) Ban fracking and other extreme extraction techniques.

(2) End all oil and gas extraction near homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive receptors to protect people from the pollution caused by all phases of oil and gas production.

(3) Phase-out all oil and gas extraction in our state on a rapid schedule sufficient to respond to the climate crisis.

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