February 18, 2016


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SAN FRANCISCO, CA –Residents from around the Bay and Los Angeles areas filled local theaters for a Californians Against Fracking screening of Jon Bowermaster’s new film “Dear Governor Brown” on Feb. 18, 2016.  Following the film, expert and community panelists talked about the dangers of oil and gas extraction and how Gov. Jerry Brown’s inaction on fracking is damaging public health, the economy and the planet.


Dear Governor Brown” — the latest from celebrated documentarian Jon Bowermaster, maker of “Dear Governor Cuomo” — employs interviews with climate experts, California farmers, and families living near fracked wells to explore the damage fracking and dangerous drilling cause to the climate, as well as the Golden State’s air, water, food production and public health.


Californians Against Fracking is encouraging residents to host house screenings of the film to educate and increase awareness of the effects of fracking. Celebrity actor Mark Ruffalo will also host a live Q&A session on Google Hangouts on March 3, 2016 at 6:30 PM PST, to discuss “Dear Governor Brown” with fans and concerned community members.


Tom Frantz, farmer in Kern County, issued the following statement:


“Extreme measures of oil extraction in Kern County, such as fracking, waste water injection, steam flooding, and the reckless use of oil field waste water to irrigate food crops are putting at risk some of the finest agricultural land in the country. These practices threaten the health of the soil, the quality of the groundwater, and the safety of the food. Governor Brown, while claiming to want a future without fossil fuel, is currently threatening our future food production by not protecting us from these dangerous practices by the local oil industry.”

Kassie Siegel, Senior Counsel at the Center for Biological Diversity, issued the following statement:

The past year alone has rammed home reminder after reminder that regulation does not protect us from the terrible toll the oil industry imposes on our health, climate, and wildlife habitat. From the massive manmade methane volcano that spewed vast quantities of noxious gas into L.A. communities to the ongoing dumping of toxic oil waste fluid directly into our protected underground drinking water,  2015 delivered an appalling series of examples of how California is being victimized by a reckless oil industry — and our oil-friendly Governor. Now more than ever, Californians are pushing Jerry Brown to ban fracking and dangerous drilling and phase out oil and gas production in the Golden State.

Adam Scow, California Director of Food & Water Watch, issued the following statement:


“The myth of Governor Brown as a climate leader is shattered the simple fact that emissions have increased in California since he took office in 2010. Jon Bowermaster’s film sheds light on Brown’s role as a champion of expanded oil extraction in the state, and how his support has helped the industry harm our air, water, health and climate.”




Californians Against Fracking is a coalition of about 200 environmental business, health, agriculture, labor, political and environmental justice organizations working to win a statewide ban on extreme drilling including fracking. Follow @CAagainstFrack on Twitter.

Californians Against Fracking to Host Screening of Jon Bowermaster’s “Dear Governor Brown”