The science is already in on fracking: The fossil fuels that this extreme oil and gas extraction technique aims to unearth will cook the planet. And many of the chemicals used in fracking — chemicals now finding their way into our air and water — are known carcinogens.

We can’t let this toxic practice continue. In California recent revelations have shown that for many years state regulators have failed to protect perfectly good aquifers from oil industry wastewater — adding insult to injury for a state in severe drought. Indeed, hundreds of fracked wells continue to inject toxic wastewater into clean aquifers, and in many cases millions of gallons of the toxic fluid continue to be dumped into illegal, unsafe and unlined pits.

Read the petition language, then click the link below to take action and join CAF in petitioning Gov. Brown to immediately impose a moratorium on fracking in California until a full review of the health and environmental dangers is completed.

 To the Honorable Gov. Jerry Brown:

We, the undersigned, hereby petition you to use your emergency powers to protect Californians by implementing an immediate statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The oil industry is contaminating our aquifers, polluting our air, using dangerous chemicals near homes and schools, increasing earthquake risk by injecting vast quantities of wastewater into disposal wells near active faults, and speeding climate change.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo placed a moratorium on fracking while a multi-year public health study was conducted to evaluate the harms and, at the completion of that study, banned fracking because the risks to public health are too great.

Yet in California, fracking continues unchecked without the completion of any statewide health or environmental review. A draft “environmental impact report” for our state has only just been released. But that study is overly narrow and fundamentally flawed. It seeks to assess the risks of fracking apart from all other phases of the oil and gas extraction process, which always occur along with fracking. Allowing these dangerous activities to continue while a flawed study is rushed to completion is unsafe and unacceptable.

Please place an immediate statewide moratorium on fracking, at a minimum, until an adequate health and environmental review is completed.