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In La Habra Heights, Residents Remain Committed to Stopping Extreme Oil Extraction

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Amid growing concern with the state government’s inability to police the oil industry, Hermosa Beach overwhelming voted to limit oil development as cities and counties throughout the state launch efforts to ban dangerous oil extraction in their communities.

With 78 percent against, Hermosa Beach voters defeated Measure O, which would have overturned a longtime ban on oil drilling. The measure’s defeat prevents the seaside city from approving a controversial oil drilling project.

In La Habra Heights, voters did not approve an initiative, Measure A, which would have prohibited land use for new oil and gas development in the city, including high intensity extraction methods such as fracking. In the past four months, the oil lobby spent $400,000 to defeat Measure A, compared to just $26,000 spent by supporters. In Hermosa Beach, oil industry-funded backers poured at least $1.97 million into the campaign supporting Measure O, spending more than 30 times as much as those who opposed the measure.

Adam Scow, California Director of Food & Water Watch, issued the following statement on behalf of Californians Against Fracking:

“Despite the oil industry’s aggressive efforts, the people of Hermosa Beach voted to protect their communities, their air, their water and their health from further exposure to the risks of dangerous oil drilling,” said Adam Scow of Californians Against Fracking and Food & Water Watch. “The victory is yet another example of how Californians are standing up in growing numbers to protect their homes, schools and our state’s vulnerable water supplies. Residents in La Habra Heights are not giving up the fight to protect their families. As more and more local communities launch efforts to rein in the oil industry, Gov. Brown should heed the calls for statewide action.”

Hermosa Beach is a coastal city of almost 20,000 people south of Los Angeles. La Habra Heights is a rural community of about 5,500 on the southeastern edge of Los Angeles County.

Last year, the City of Beverly Hills and two California counties — San Benito and Mendocino — banned fracking and other unconventional extraction methods.


Californians Against Fracking is a coalition of about 200 environmental business, health, agriculture, labor, political and environmental justice organizations working to win a statewide ban on fracking and other dangerous extraction techniques in California. Follow @CAagainstFrack on Twitter.



Hermosa Beach Voters Win Limits to Harmful Oil Development