Jean Su, Center for Biological Diversity

“America is now a global leader when it comes to taking action to fight climate change,” President Obama proudly claimed in his recent announcement halting the Keystone XL pipeline.

But that climate leadership claim has been undermined by America’s weak carbon-cutting commitment ahead of the Paris climate summit and by the past decade’s dangerous expansion of fracking and dangerous drilling.

That’s why my colleagues Kassie Siegel and Clare Lakewood and I are in Paris—to urge President Obama to bring reality to his rhetoric.

Here in Paris, we’ll work to push the president—and California Gov. Jerry Brown—to understand that real climate leadership requires ambitious international commitments and more concrete actions back home to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The president must strengthen his Clean Power Plan to rapidly transition our energy portfolio to clean sources. And we must keep fossil fuels in the ground. That starts with halting fracking, drilling and mining on our public lands and near our homes and communities, as well as putting an end to crude oil exports.

Here in Paris, we’ll also urge Gov. Brown to protect our climate—and human health and wildlife—by banning fracking.

I’m in Paris as an American and, equally, a global citizen. I’m in Paris to advocate and activate with communities from around the world—to connect, problem-solve and ignite global action that spans national borders and goes far beyond the closed doors of the Paris negotiations.

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I am in Paris to advocate and activate