February 18, 2016

Senator Fran Pavley
State Capitol, Room 5108
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Support for SB380- moratorium on injections at Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

Dear Senator Pavley,

We are writing, in solidarity with Save Porter Ranch and the affected community, in support of your Senate Bill 380 to preserve a moratorium on gas injections at the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility in Los Angeles County. The leak reported on October 23 was caused by well integrity failure and is only the most recent of many such leaks caused in California by aging infrastructure.

A moratorium on gas injections is critical to preventing another blowout at Aliso Canyon’s dangerous facility. SoCalGas admitted in 2014 testimony before the CPUC that “a negative well integrity trend seems to have developed since 2008,” meaning that well casings are hitting a breaking point due to their age and high intensity use. The company explained that it discovered a 400-pound-per-square-inch leak at Aliso Canyon in 2008, and stated the leak was “indicative of  roduction casing leaks from either internal or external corrosion where high pressure gas can migrate to the surface in a matter of hours.”¹ Given these severe conditions, Porter Ranch and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles are at ongoing risk of experiencing more leaks in the near future.

Because we know that oil and gas infrastructure is inherently dangerous and that our regulators often defer to the industry, we urge you to ensure that an  ndependent panel is formed to review the safety of the field before DOGGR can modify the moratorium. We ask that this panel include health experts and community representatives to ensure a comprehensive and fair review.

The leak has displaced more than 15,000 residents from their homes due to symptoms such as rashes, nosebleeds, headaches, vomiting, nausea, skin irritations, blood pressure spikes, heart palpitations, and respiratory problems. Thus in order to protect public health, an extensive public and independent review of the real risks of the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility is critical to protecting the community.

We thank you for your effort to preserve a moratorium on gas injections at the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility.


Adam Scow, California Director, Food & Water Watch

Matt Pakucko, President, Save Porter Ranch

Eddie Kurtz, Executive Director, Courage Campaign

David Braun, President, Rootskeeper

Brian Nowicki, California Climate Policy Director, Center for Biological Diversity

Californians Against Fracking (coalition)

¹Baker, Philip E. SoCal Gas. [Testimony before the Caifornia Public Utilities Commision]. November 2014 at 18
to 19.

CAF Supports Pavley’s SB380 for moratorium on gas injections at Aliso Canyon Storage Facility