SACRAMENTO — There are myriad reasons fracking needs to be banned in California. Writing an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee, Barbara Sattler warns that fracking puts our children’s lives and health at risk.

“Pump jacks are found next to homes, nursing homes, hospitals and schools in many neighborhoods around California,” she writes.

“If you live in Kern County, they can legally be on your fence line and there is nothing you can do about it, even if your child is asthmatic or your elderly family member struggles for breath.

With several of my nursing, medical and public health colleagues, I recently toured the gas and oil fields around Bakersfield with people from the community. I want to take Gov. Jerry Brown and Karen Smith, the new head of California’s Department of Health, on the same tour. I want them to have to breathe the air next to the unlined pits that are full of toxic liquids that go into our lungs, leach into the ground and are used to irrigate our table grapes and almonds.”

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Op-Ed: Fracking Puts Our Children’s Health In Danger