Phase out fuels

Regarding “Brown takes lead in climate battle” (Nov. 27): Despite the hopeful title of the piece, the jury is still out on whether our governor is truly a climate leader. Gov. Jerry Brown continues to maintain a cozy relationship with one of the most egregious emitters in the state: the oil and gas industry.

Thus far, Brown has refused to enact even common sense measures to rein in this industry. Now is an opportunity for Brown to step up in a way he hasn’t yet.

With rapidly progressing climate change, the potential for federal backsliding, recent findings that California’s cap and trade program exacerbates the disproportionate burden of pollution borne by communities of color and low-income communities, as well as many other pressing issues, these final years in office will be the real test of whether Brown is worthy of the title of climate leader. Now is the time for Brown to set an example for the world and phase out fossil-fuel extraction in California.

Catherine Garoupa White, Sacramento

SF Chronicle Letter to the Editor: Phase out fuels