LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Times reports that South LA residents are calling on Pope Francis to protect them from noxious oil emissions.

Their plea for help comes the same week that Gov. Jerry Brown arrived at the Vatican to talk climate change. It also coincides with a letter Latino leaders wrote to the pope urging him to tell Gov. Brown to stop fracking in California.

While Gov. Brown went to the Vatican to address climate change and urge leaders from around the globe to reduce emissions, California remains the third largest oil-producing state in the nation. In California, more than 60,000 children attend school within one mile of a stimulated oil well – of which 60 percent are Latino. Statewide, Latino students are nearly 19 percent more likely than non-Latino students to attend a school within a mile and a half of a stimulated well.

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South LA Residents Ask Pope to Protect Them From Oil Drilling