December 1, 2015

David Braun, Rootskeeper Network for Californians Against Fracking

I’m hearing the call and following world leaders to Paris, because right now is a critical moment in the history of the world.  I’m going to be there with hundreds of thousands of other world citizens to put pressure on leaders to  get them to take decisive action to address catastrophic climate change.  At this point, the science is clear:  for us to stave off the worst impacts  of climate change, something needs to be done on a global scale.

But it’s also important that we take action at home.  Setting worldwide non-binding targets on greenhouse gas emissions is a great place to start in curbing climate change, but so is directing policy that actually gets us to those ends.  Jerry Brown, as the governor of the state of California, has traveled to Paris as a climate leader, and will undoubtedly be speaking about the importance of curbing climate change and highlighting the need to take bold action.   Meanwhile, back at home, Brown’s real-life policies reflect a vastly different sentiment and his actions stand in stark contrast with his words.

Currently, the Brown administration enables the oil and gas industry, far and above one of the worst climate polluters, by permitting destructive fossil fuel extraction techniques such as fracking, acidizing, and, one of the most carbon intensive extraction techniques, cyclical steam injection.  California, rather than reining in the oil industry, continues to be the 3rd largest oil producing state.  In fact, rather than lowering carbon emissions in the Golden State, greenhouse gas emissions have increased under Brown’s stewardship.  And when members of Jerry Brown’s own administration tried to rein in some of the worst abuses of the oil and gas industry, under pressure from industry, Brown fired them.

And frankly, that’s unacceptable.  Climate leaders don’t frack, and they don’t enable the worst climate polluters to continue destroying the planet.

So I’m going to Paris to pressure world leaders, but specifically, I need to make sure the guy I voted for, and who is leading the great state of California, matches his words with his actions and demands of himself the same excellence that he demands of world leaders.  After all, stopping climate change starts at home, and Brown would do well to heed his own advice and seriously take action on climate.

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Will Governor Brown’s Leadership in Paris Save California?
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